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Le 11 décembre 2015, 17:23 dans Humeurs 0

Charice will reportedly sing Celine Dion upon return

While walking the red carpet at the Golden Globes last month, Ryan Murphy gave Charice fans something isabel marant shoes to look forward to this season. The show creator of "Glee" revealed that Charice will be back for five more episodes, singing some big ballads on the hit Fox comedy.

Chasters have been cheap isabel marant shoes making their own predictions about which songs the 18yearold will perform upon her return. Today, some new song spoilers have hit the internet. According to sources, Charice's character Sunshine will be singing "Because You Loved Me."

Charice is no stranger to this Celine Dion tune. She has become famous for her ability to belt out the power ballad. The song choice might not come as a big shock, but now fans are left wanting to know how it will play into the story line. Does this mean Sunshine could have a love interest?

I'll tell you how the Chasters feel about this topic. We would not like Charice to be involved in anything "untoward" that most teenagers nowadays are accustomed to Charice grew up and was raised an innocent, lovely girl. She has the characteristics of a true Filipina modest, humble, chaste, respectful of elders but also thirsty for life and adventure. If she were to be involved in romance in Glee, I would like for her to be involved in a true, pure, and loving relationship.

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French Lesson Teaching the isabel marant sale Futur Proche Tense Near Future

Now, distribute the script to the students. If the students feel confident/competent enough to read the two parts aloud, elicit volunteers. Elicit responses to see whether the students can determine on their own which words are being used to describe the future. Then, transition into the discussion of the near future tense.

The DiscussionWhat you should notice about the beginning of the presentation is that it relies on getting the students to notice isabel marant sneakers sale on their own the necessary structure of the futur proche before it reveals it.

To reinforce their ability to grasp the meaning behind the various sentences, I suggest miming the actions. For instance, for "Elle va manger la pomme," I would repeat the phrase "Je vais manger la pomme" as I move an imaginary apple closer and closer to my mouth. Then, once I take an imaginary bite, I would say "Maintenant, je mange la pomme." With each action, I would do something similar so that the students could construct the meaning without depending on English translations.

Towards the middle of the presentation, specific verbal phrases like "assister un concert" are introduced. These are the terms they will be using for the later activity. Again, to avoid English, the phrases are accompanied by pictures that demonstrate their meaning.

Lastly, days and times are highlighted briefly as these too will be useful for the activity. A discussion of time also gives you an opportunity to explore a bit of French culture, explaining the 24hour system that France employs. They are to search that specific page to find a time and day for an event and then schedule it into their calendar. Of course, not all of the times will fit those printed on the calendar; in those cases, instruct the students to simply pick the time and day they would like to attend such an event. In the boxes, the students could either write just the verbal phrases (assister un concert) or complete sentences (Je vais assister un concert).

Once the students have filled in a block for the website, they are free to fill in the rest of their schedule. I would advise giving them a specific time limit.

Then, once the time for making plans is over, the students then separately roam around the room sharing their plans for the weekend with classmatesasking for plans and responding to questions. Again, I would advise either giving them a specific time limit for sharing with classmates or giving them a specific number of classmates with whom to share.

The final part of this activity comes in reuniting as a whole group and sharing what students have learned about other students' plans. In other words, instead of using je and tu/vous, they will now briefly be using il/elle and ils/elles to discuss their classmates' plans.

The AssessmentThe final assessment follows the same model as the previous activity in that it requires the students to plan activities, this time in pairs. To allow greater individuality, provide the students with a list of additional activities; to avoid English, these new terms are accompanied by pictures that suggest their meaning. With a partner, the students will create a brief conversation discussing plans for the upcoming weekend, using the opening video as a model. Scheduled times are not necessary though students are free to use them.